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Please note: all membership prices include administration fees.

HRCAV members must also sign an HRCAV waiver and submit it to treasurer@msedc.org.au for your membership to be valid.

pdf logo 2019-07-18 HRCAV Non-member disclaimer For Adults
pdf logo 2019-07-18 HRCAV Non-member disclaimer under 18yrs for persons under 18yrs
pdf logo 2019-07-18 MSEDC HRCAV Saddlecloth logo order form for MSEDC HRCAV members to compete in Official HRCAV events

Reference Tool

If you are unsure about how the new EA membership categories affect you and you don't know whether to enter as Official, Official Participant, Closed Restricted or Closed Unrestricted, then take a look at these two handy grids. Please note these are specific to the MSEDC. If you are planning on entering competitions at other clubs please check with the relevant club first before making your entry.

pdf logo 2019-07-26 What events can I compete What MSEDC competitions can I compete in?
pdf logo 2019-07-24 What levels can I compete at What levels can I compete in at a MSEDC Closed Restricted or Closed Un-restricted competition?
dressage image dressage image dressage image