About Us

MSEDC is a dressage club in South East SA, with approx 80 members from all over Australia.

We are renowned for our fun events, and thinking outside the square with our competitions and training clinics.

Membership is open to anyone, and we love to welcome new members.

Encouraging the camaraderie within our great sport of dressage is our aim;

fun….friendship…forward moving!

2022/23 Committee:

President:  ANN DODD   president@msedc.org.au

Vice-President: KATE DENNIS

Secretary: TRUDI LUTT  secretary@msedc.org.au


Committee: June Whitehead, Helen Possingham, Lucie Hill, Libby Marcus, Julie Baillie


Susan Thornley
Margie Stuart
Amanda Lock
Kristy Boord
Dianne Green (dc)